How to identify your time bandits

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Somebody is stealing your time, your most valuable, finite resource. These Time Bandits operate by the simple means of interrupting you. When you don’t protect your time, you don’t just lose a minute or two. Our research shows that workers at all levels report losing three to five hours of productive time every day due

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The Most Dreaded Words in Busniess

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Got a minute? The fact is, unless you are a great rarity today, you not only don’t have a minute, you have a yawning deficit of minutes. There is work unfinished on your desk. You have personal aspirations of all kinds that you never find time for and obligations you barely find time for. You’re

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Don’t Interrupt Me When I’m Interrupting You

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Today’s workplace has changed dramatically, especially since the economic downturn of 2008. The ongoing recovery has created a work environment that constantly requires companies to do more with less.  In turn, employees are expected to work not just harder but “smarter” as well. Employers are demanding hiring freezes and downsizing through leveraging time and innovative opportunity. These

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“There is a lot of valuable information about how to diplomatically deal with interruptions and recapture time for better performance and productivity.” Paula Dufort, Reviewer

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“If time issues are a priority for you then this book will not disappoint you.” Malcolm Dewey, Reviewer

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