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The Time Bandit Solution

How often do you set down to complete a task but can never seem to finish it on time because you’re constantly interrupted by your boss, your colleagues, your children, etc? These people are your Time Bandits. Although they don’t steal your time with malicious intentions or on purpose, they do make you wish you could say no to their many requests without offending them, so you can, for once, finish all the jobs on your to-do list.

In this little book, Edward G Brown will teach you how to do just that. Not only your Time Bandits won’t be mad with you for not fulfilling their requests straight away, but they will also be grateful for it! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Brown has tried the techniques explained in this book, such as time locking (you decide a time during which you’re not available to anyone, and won’t receive any visitors nor even answer any calls), in many business firms with astounding success. Some people were sceptical (like you probably are now), but after they’ve tried it, they were amazed at how much time they had saved and how much more they had got done.
But the worst time bandit of all is you yourself. So, Brown will also teach you how you can stop wasting time and concentrate on what you’re doing. Everything is explained clearly, although Brown does tend to repeat himself several times. He addresses mostly business owners and employees, but the advice in this book could be used by parents, freelancers, teachers… anyone who’s often interrupted and feels frustrated because of it should pick up a copy.


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