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Don’t be offended, it’s me, too.
You are somebody’s Time Bandit. 
We all are.

We have all been guilty of stealing time from those around us by interrupting them when they are trying to get something done.

Bandits wear masks to disguise themselves, and Time Bandits wear the most innocent disguises. They come as our friends, our family, our co-workers, our customers, our bosses.

They are so innocent of intent – the one on the cover has a winning little smile, doesn’t he? He doesn’t intend to steal from you. But if he interrupts you while you are trying to get something done, steal from you he does.

Time Bandits steal your precious time, and what are you going to do about it? Oh, I know there are those books that will tell you to “Just Say No!” when your Time Bandits interrupt you, but “Just Say No!” could be very self-destructive. So, to avoid insulting them, how do you get the benefits of “no” without saying “NO!”?

This book will not only tell you what to do, with “executional excellence,” it also explains how. Without all of the “what to do” and “how to to do it” lessons and skills in this book, you will remain forever at the mercy of your nice, smiling Time Bandits. This book teaches you how to put an end to unwanted, unnecessary, and unproductive interruptions that steal your time.

So look at it this way: If you were hoping to find a typical time management book, with another list of time-saving tips, or another way to chart time, or more disciplines to impose on your stressed-out self, you have the wrong book. Books like that already fill the bookshelves of those who are just as time starved and distressed as they were before they read them.

The Time Bandit Solution is, in contrast, a how-to book that draws on sociology, psychology, management theory, humor, and a lifetime of experience to arm you with all the communication arts and skills techniques, scripts, and plans it takes to negotiate with your Time Bandits, overcome their objections, secure their cooperation, get back your time, and use it well. In other words, it will develop your interpersonal relationship management skills. What a Triple Crown! You create better relationships, they get your undivided attention, and you get your stolen time back!

It’s all here, between the covers of this book. Every chapter will take you that much closer to actually doing what you have long vowed to do: find the time you need to do all the things you want to do. When you finish this book, you will have that time, and you will know how to use it to make your life better. And if I’m wrong, I’ll provide you with a 100% “misery-back guarantee!”

We have all been guilty of stealing time from those around us by interrupting them when they are trying to get something done.