Press Kit

Edward G. Brown is President, Co-Chairman, and co-founder of Cohen Brown Management Group, the leading sales and service culture change specialist for the financial services industry. The company’s clients, many of the largest financial institutions on six continents, regularly report breakthrough revenue results derived from more business from current clients and more clients.

For 35 years he has been known as the Communication Arts and Skills Scripting Clinic Czar.  The Scripting Clinics are incorporated in such internationally famous programs known as OneBankism.  OneBankism (also known as “OneTeam”) is the Holy Grail of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ASB, National Australian Bank, Wells Fargo (known as “One Wells”), Bank of Hawaii, and BB&T. OneBankism converts silos into interdivisional primed and pre-positioned cross-referrals.

He is also best known for his inbound reactive (Call Center Relationship Management Lab) and outbound proactive (Advanced Proactive Teleconsulting Lab) call center and in-branch training.

Perhaps of all the courseware for which he’s best known, none is more important than Breakthrough Behavioral Embedding (BBE), which was launched in 2007 and became the new brand of CBMG.

His most current program that has received international recognition is entitled Structured Time and Workflow Management (STWM).  STWM literally increases the amount of time necessary to meet deadlines and leverage human resources such that downsizing and/or hiring freezes are no longer an un-resolvable challenge for meeting revenue and quality control goals and objectives.

He has taught top executives at successful companies around the world and is a world leader in bringing sales and service learning to many of the world’s leading banks.  He currently consults to top governments on education, including countries in the Middle East.

Before founding Cohen Brown, he was a management consultant to Fortune 500 and other companies.

His remarkable career is evidence of a man with an appetite for an unusual variety of pursuits and a golden touch with all. He began as a teenager, selling door-to-door in the Bronx neighborhood where he was born.  Later he became business manager to Hollywood stars and entertainers, at one point running the second largest business management company in the country.  He wrote a #1 song Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces and has written three operas.

Having helped his celebrity clients become affluent and seen the need for financial services for them, Mr. Brown founded two banks and started a heavy equipment leasing business and a high-speed boat business.

Mr. Brown’s book, Time Bandits Solutions:  Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had (“TBS”), is soon to be published on November 1st  This self-help book was written based on the popular demand made by the large number of STWM participants.  TBS will address a solution for unwanted, unneeded and unproductive interruptions for not only the financial services industries, but everyone including professionals, students, and educators.  It was his varied and high-pressured career that forced Brown to become his own time management expert.  Juggling so many responsibilities, he found himself so prone to interruptions that his creativity was jeopardized and his management abilities compromised.  He taught himself the lessons in his book, then taught them to his colleagues and clients, and finally captured them in a book for the good of his readers.

As a youngster he worked at releasing bronco bulls and bronco quarter horses from the chutes during rodeos at Madison Square Garden.  He did this for the thrill of bearing near Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  What he didn’t realize was that eventually he would become Roy and Dale’s business manager and eventual partner.  He became an elite horseman, polo player, and owner of many fine horses.  He collects art from around the world which fills his homes in Malibu, California, and Hawaii.  He and his wife have two grown children and one grandchild.