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I believe you will enjoy The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had. You’ll learn that you may be losing 40–60% of your precious time to interruptions. The journey has begun and this book will help you seize back your life from an interruption culture.

The Time Bandit Solution Ten Major Lessons

  1. Identify the problem and calculate how much time you are losing each day
  2. Realize that your personality type impacts your ability to manage interruptions
  3. Understand how interruptions steal your time
  4. Learn how to prevent interruptions
  5. Discover concentration techniques
  6. Develop skills to communicate with your interrupters or Time Bandits
  7. Learn to overcome objections from your Time Bandits
  8. Prioritize your critical few versus your minor many
  9. Determine what tasks are important versus urgent
  10. Utilize a planning protocol to leverage the time recovered

I guarantee you will recover stolen time you never knew you had. If I’m wrong, I’ll provide you with a 100% “misery-back guarantee!”

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