AxiomGold-3Much of today’s worldwide economic outlook focuses on “emerging markets” such as China and India, where growing populations and prosperity are helping lead the world out of recession. At the same time, according to United Nations statistics, more people in India have access to cell phones than they have to working toilets! How does a savvy business person sort out these confusing trends? By reading award-winning business books!

Jenkins Group is proud to announce the results of the eighth annual Axiom Business Book Awards, honoring the best business books published during the past year.

The winning books epitomize the Axiom Award motto, “Success through Knowledge,” by offering the latest business information and tools. We all want to do better business, and the Axiom medalists help business people young and old succeed in a fast-changing world.Of this year’s 74 Axiom Award-winning titles, a record-setting nine of them came from Harvard Business Review Press, and two of those books epitomize the most prominent themes among this year’s entries: “Innovating for the Future” and “Balancing Work and Life.” In Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation, the authors describe how Pixar Studios meets the challenge of collective innovation each time they make a movie: “(They) create a coherent work of singular collective genius from the diverse slices of genius brought to the work by all the individuals involved. This is what all innovative organizations are able to do well, over and over.”

For his book, Leading the Life You Want, author Stewart D. Friedman interviewed Bruce Springsteen, whose strength as a business leader might not resonate until you remember his nickname, “The Boss.” The key to his leadership success “is his thirst for useful knowledge and his desire to change the world – to create something new that makes things better – and to change himself.” A rock star who admits using psychotherapy? “His pursuit of self-knowledge through counseling turned him into a role model, destigmatizing it and opening doors for people, especially men, who might not otherwise seek help.”


Not all of the Axiom Award medalists came from university presses or New York publishers. Many winners were self-published, and independent publishers of various sizes won medals representing 21 U.S. states, two Canadian provinces, and four countries overseas. Women are also well-represented, with 16 of the winning books written or co-written by female authors.

See the complete listing online at http://www.independentpublisher.com/article.php?page=1920.

“Today’s leaders must always keep learning and growing. This year’s Axiom Award-winning books tackle the world’s most pressing business issues, with the latest ideas from the best business minds,” said company founder Jerrold Jenkins. “These awards are meant to bring great books and great business people together.