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The Time Bandit Solution

is a different type of time management guide. It’s not about the usual tips and tricks for multitasking or time consolidation, but rather focuses on practical strategies to deal with “time bandits” – people whose interruptions interfere with one’s workflow and slow down personal productivity. “Time bandits” are rarely malicious, and typically aren’t strangers; they’re friends, family, clients – and you! Everyone has been guilty of distracting another person from their work at some point. But learning how to politely yet firmly defend oneself against “time bandits” can be enormously effective. Full color photography and illustrations complements the simple, used-tested guidelines. Strategies range from prioritization methodologies, to preparing and rehearsing a polite script (similar to the scripts that salespeople use) to gently turn away interrupters, to presenting a recommended “Time Lock” proposals to one’s workplace superior, and much more. Highly recommended as a resource for obtaining more time in one’s personal as well as professional life!