We Live in an Interruption Culture

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Your office phone rings nonstop with sales pitches while Girl Scouts interrupt you at home to sell those delicious cookies that are only available once a year. Emails clutter your inboxes, and you send them to the trash while the FedEx package on your desk screams, “Open Me!” Interruption repeats. Distress manifests. Productivity diminishes. It’s

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Speed It Up Boys! Copying with Layoffs.

This morning I read in Forbes, “Layoffs in Tech Now a Permanent Feature.”  Dell, JC Penney, and Disney are announcing fresh layoffs. It made me think of Lucy in the Chocolate Factory.  You know – that classic routine where a frantic Lucille Ball can’t cope with the chocolates coming faster and faster down the conveyor

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Don’t Interrupt Me When I’m Interrupting You

Today’s workplace has changed dramatically, especially since the economic downturn of 2008. The ongoing recovery has created a work environment that constantly requires companies to do more with less.  In turn, employees are expected to work not just harder but “smarter” as well. Employers are demanding hiring freezes and downsizing through leveraging time and innovative opportunity. These

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