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Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:Kary Oberbrunner: Author of “Day Job to Dream Job: Practical Steps for Turning Your Passion Into a Full-Time Gig,”

Joan Gregerson: Author of “Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life,”

Diana Schneidman: Author of “Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less,”

Andrea J. Stenberg: Social Media Marketing consultant talking with Michael today about how to market yourself online using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;

Dale McGowan, Ph.D.: Author of “In Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families,”

Edward G. Brown: Author of “The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had,” https://timebanditsolution.comThank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!