Praises for Edward G. Brown

“If you can eliminate interruptions and distractions from a part of your day, you can be a lot more productive.” – Leading Business Books

“I would recommend this book to someone who is going crazy at work with a lot of interruptions all of the time.”

Jennifer Sabol ,Bookseller, Booktraders of Hamilton

“Brown’s advice on the behavioural change needed to challenge this will help readers to reclaim quality, productivity, and sanity, because as he points out, it’s not just the work that suffers when time is abused.”

Ivana Troselj, Educator

“If time issues are a priority for you then this book will not disappoint you.”

Malcolm Dewey, Reviewer

“I absolutely enjoyed reading The Time Bandit Solution. It was not only highly entertaining, but also gave a valuable insight in how to deal with time bandits and more importantly what to do with the time you have regained. Even I who thought to be well organized and chrystal clear in my time management could learn some new things and some better ways to achieve my goals. From my point of view, The Time Bandit Solution can be used in any business environment and also in your personal life.”

Dr. Wolfram Irmer, LL.M., Berlin, Germany

“There is a lot of valuable information about how to diplomatically deal with interruptions and recapture time for better performance and productivity.”

Paula Dufort, Reviewer

“When I got the book and read the first few pages quickly,  I went trough three stages. First, and I think it IS important: what a nice and attractive edition. Looking at it makes you want to read it. Second: oh, I know all this, say no to all those who want to interrupt you. Third: wait, so I am MYSELF one of those bandits, and we kindly assist each other in wasting precious time.
From then on, I carried on reading the book with great interest, and altough I have been running time management type of trainings for many years, I realised through many practical tips and tricks and highly enjoyable reading that the time bandit aspect of the entire topic is more important, but curable than I and many of use have ever thought. Once spending time on counting wasted time, I saved hours, and, unexpectedly, I have even learnt some lovely negotiation ideas I use ever since to make myrejected bandits as happy as possible with my saying NO.”

Judit Nagy-Gönczi, Head of Training, Retail, K&H Bank, Hungary